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   Foreign Political Faction      Chris Wolf ("The Wolf"),   The Theory,   Incriminating Evidence,   Exculpatory Evidence,   American Indian Movement (AIM) Activists,   Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC),   The Theory,   Incriminating Evidence,   Exculpatory Evidence,   Secret Evil Society,   The Theory,   Chinese Invisible Personnel 

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   Internal Organs      Mediastinum,   Body Cavities,   Lungs,   Heart,   Aorta and Vena Cava,   Spleen,   Adrenals,   Kidneys,   Liver,   Pancreas,   Bladder,   Genitalia,   Gallbladder,   G.I. Tract,   Other Organs 

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   Interpreting the Evidence      Overview,   Which Came First: the Head Blow or Strangulation?,   What Object Was Used for the Head Blow?,   Evidence About the Garrote,   Evidence of a Stun Gun,   Evidence of Sexual Assault,   Evidence of Prior Sexual Abuse,   Is This a DNA Case?,   Evidence About The Pineapple,   Evidence About Where JBR Was Killed,   Was This a Kidnapping for Ransom?,   Evidence of an Intruder,   Evidence of Staging,   Evidence of a Cover-up,   Can Psychics Solve the JBR Case? 

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   Is This a DNA Case      Overview,   DNA in JBR Case,   General Information on DNA Testing,   Legal Issues Regarding DNA,   Can Race Be Inferred from DNA?,   Evidence Race Cannot Be Inferred from DNA,   Evidence Race Can Be Inferred from DNA,   Evidence in Favor of a DNA Case,   Other Cases With An Intruder But No DNA,   Other Old Cases Recently Solved With DNA,   Evidence Against a DNA Case 


   John Mark Karr      The Theory,   Background,   Timeline Since Mid-2006,   What Happened According to Karr,   What May Have Happened,   Incriminating Evidence i. Confession,   Disturbing Emails,   Disturbing Audiotapes iv. Police Investigation,   Prior Record,   Handwriting Evidence vii. Extensive Travels,   Other Evidence,   Exculpatory Evidence,   Motivation for False Confession 

   John and Patsy Ramsey      The John & Patsy Ramsey Theories,   Incriminating Evidence Regarding Ramseys i. Grand Jury Indictment,   Could Parents Do This?,   Filicide in the U.S.,   Specific Cases With Similarities to JBR Killing iii. Amnesia and Crime,   Lack of Cooperation,   Evidence that Ramseys Lied,   "Passed" Lie Detector Tests Prove Little vii. ,   Lack of Affection,   Framing Friends and Workers?,   What Happened to "Missing" Intruder Evidence?,   Mysterious American Girl Doll Order,   Exculpatory Evidence Regarding Ramseys,   General Evidence,   Specific Evidence,   Early Cooperation,   Ramseys Passed Lie Detector Tests,   Ramseys Endured Tough Questions,   Character of Parents,   No Indictment.,   False Accusations by Media Against Ramseys,   The Globe,   National Enquirer,   Parents Falsely Accused of Murdering Their Children 

   John Ramsey      The JDI Theories,   Incriminating Evidence Related to John Ramsey,   Overview,   Grand Jury Indictment iii. RN Obviously Staged,   Evidence Used in Crime Not Linked to John,   Fiber Evidence,   Handwriting Evidence,   Misleading Lie Detector Test,   Suspicious Behavior in Interviews ,   Basement Window Staging,   John Found Body xi . Golf Club Bag,   Alleged Confession xiii. Arndt's Intuition,   Why No Libel Suits Filed?,   American Girl Doll Order,   Exculpatory Evidence Related to John Ramsey,   Boulder Grand Jury Indictment Not Dispositive,   Lack of Forensic Evidence Connected to John Ramsey ,   Character/Credibility,   Unreliability of Demeanor Evidence,   Other Cases of False Accusation Against Fathers 

   JonBenet  Ramsey Current  News      lnside One Man's Seriai-Krller Unification Theory,   Boulder DA forming cold case unrt to revrew unsolved homicrdes a" rncludrng JonBenet Ramsey,   Boulder DA forming cold case unit to review unsolved homicrdes - including JonBenet Ramsey 

   Key Pieces of Evidence      Status of Investigation,   How Much Has Boulder Spent on the Case?,   How Much Evidence is There?,   Is There Any Evidence Not Yet Publicized?,   The Grand Jury,   Can This Case Ever Be Officially Solved?,   The Ransom Note,   The 911 Call,   The Body,   The House,   The Neighborhood,   Physical Layout,   What Ramseys Reported,   What Neighbors Reported 

   Legal Documents      Back to Sources,   Search Warrants,   Boulder Search Warrants,   Michigan Search Warrants,   Arrest Warrants,   Autopsy Report,   Documents Related to JBR Investigation,   Boulder Police Department Interviews,   Boulder County Grand Jury Documents,   Documents Related to John Mark Karr,   Documents Related to JBR-Related Libel Cases i. Stephen Miles v. John Ramsey (1998),   Burke Ramsey v. American Media, Inc., and Star Editorial, Inc. (1999),   Burke Ramsey v. Windsor House et al. (2000),   Burke Ramsey vs. Court TV, AOL Time Warner, Time Warner Entertainment and Liberty Media (2001),   Robert Christian Wolf v. John and Patricia Ramsey (2001-2003),   John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey v. Steve Thomas (2001),   John, Patsy, Burke Ramsey v. Fox News Network, LLC (2003-2004),   R.W. v. John Doe aka undrtheradar (2006),   Burke Ramsey vs. Werner Spitz (2016),   Burke Ramsey vs. CBS News, Current Content and Seven "Experts" (2016),   Documents Related to JBR-Related Non-Libel Cases i. Autopsy Photo Leak (1997),   "Pasta Jay" Elowsky Menacing Case (1997),   James Michael Thompson (J.T. Colfax) Arson Case (1997),   Hoffman v. Alex Hunter (1997),   Hunter v. Smit (1999),   Linda Arndt v. Koby/Beckner/City of Boulder (2000-2001),   State of Colorado v. Thomas C. Miller (2000-2001),   Fleet and Priscilla White, vs. The City of Boulder and Mark Beckner (2002),   People of the State of Colorado vs. The Boulder Daily Camera (2003),   Documents Re: Linda Hoffman-Pugh v. Mary T. Keenan (2003-2004) 

   Legal Issues Surrounding JBR Case      Mistakes Made by BPD,   Copyright Law,   Defamation Law in General,   Online Defamation Law i. The Law,   Libel Suit Against Poster undrtheradar,   PBWiki Response,   Law Enforcement Investigation Tactics,   Can Investigators Lie During an Interrogation?,   Use of Lie Detector Tests,   Unreliability of "Demeanor Evidence",   Grand Juries,   "Clearing" Suspects,   Can Lawyers Lie?,   Interrogations,   Detecting Deception,   Talking to Police 

   Motivation for False Confession      False Confessor Profiles,   Mental Illness?,   Character Profile,   Multiple Personality Disorder?,   Delusional,   Did Karr Inherit Mental Illness?,   Monetary Motivations,   Ran Out of Money,   Seeking Medical Help,   Celebrity Mania,   Why Sex Surgery Before Confession?,   Revenge on Tracey,   Averting Thai Jail Time 

   Movie Comparisons      Overview,   In Cold Blood (1967),   Dirty Harry (1971),   Poltergeist (1982),   Ruthless People (1986),   Richochet (1991),   Speed (1994),   Mindhunter: Inside the Fbi's Elite Serial Crime Unit, by John E. Douglas (1995),   Seven (1995),   Nick of Time (1995),   Ransom (1996 

   Neck Injuries      Autopsy: External Exam,   Autopsy: Internal Exam,   Autopsy: Microscopic Examination,   Non-Autopsy Sources 

   Others Who Determined Patsy Wrote RN      Michelle Dresbold (Book Author),   Dresbold Findings,   Dresbold Qualifications iii. Dresbold Methodology,   Mark McLish (Book Author),   McLish Findings,   McLish Qualifications,   McLish Methodology,   Cherokee (Internet Poster),   Cherokee Findings,   Cherokee Qualifications,   Cherokee Methodology,   Critique of Cherokee's Methodology,   Delmar England (Internet Poster),   England Findings,   England Qualifications,   England Methodology,   JustinCase (Internet Poster),   JustinCase Findings,   JustinCase Qualifications,   JustinCase Methodology,   FuryoftheDragon (Internet Poster),   FuryoftheDragon Findings,   FuryoftheDragon Qualifications,   FuryoftheDragon Methodology,   Anonymous Website Owner,   Anonymous Findings,   Anonymous Qualifications,   Anonymous Methodology,   Critique of Anonymous Methodology 

   Patsy Ramsey      Background on Patsy Ramsey,   The PDI Theories,   Bed-Wetting Rage Theory,   Marital Rage Theory,   John Caught in Act,   Sexual Abuse by Patsy,   Munchausen-by-proxy Syndrome,   Child Pornography Ring,   Ritual Sacrifice,   Literature-Inspired Mental Illness,   Incriminating Evidence Related to Patsy Ramsey,   General Observations,   Grand Jury Indictment,   Boulder Law Enforcement Opinions,   Forensic Evidence,   Handwriting Evidence,   Dubious Lie Detector Test,   Hoffman-Pugh Testimony,   Hid Behind Lawyers,   Pam Paugh Removed Evidence,   Exculpatory Evidence Related to Patsy Ramsey,   Overview,   Boulder Grand Jury Indictment Not Dispositive,   Boulder Law Enforcement Opinions,   Implausibility of an "Accidental" Death,   Handwriting Evidence,   Lie Detector Evidence,   Other Forensic Evidence,   Character/Behavioral Evidence,   Unreliability of Demeanor Evidence,   Other Cases of False Accusation Against Mothers 

   Patsy Ramsey as RN Author      Evidence Patsy Ramsey is Not the RN Writer,   Summary Findings Favorable to Patsy Ramsey,   Individual Expert Opinions Favorable to Patsy Ramsey,   Experts Consulted By BPD/BDA (6 experts inclusive of 2 hired by Ramseys),   Consultants Hired by Ramseys (2 experts),   Authors/Internet Analysts (5 individuals),   Evidence Patsy Ramsey is the RN Writer 

   Perp Profiles      Did the Perp Know the Family?,   Evidence Perp Knew Family,   Evidence Perp Did Not Know Family,   How Old Was the Perp?,   Evidence for a Young Perp,   Evidence for an Older Perp,   Was the Perp a Sexual Predator?,   Was the Perp Experienced?,   Alphabetical Listing of Suspects 

   Potential Points of Entry      Overview,   Basement Window in Storage Room,   Evidence for Possible Intruder Entry through Basement Window,   Evidence Against Possible Intruder Entry through Basement Window,   Spider Web Evidence,   Butler Pantry Door,   Garage,   Other Points of Entry 

   Pugh Crew Theory    

   Ramsey Did It Theories      John and Patsy Ramsey (RDI),   Patsy Ramsey (PDI),   John Ramsey (JDI),   Burke Ramsey (BDI),   John Andrew Ramsey,   The JAR Did It Theories,   Incriminating Evidence Related to JAR,   Exculpatory Evidence Related to JAR,   Melinda Ramsey Long,   The Melinda Ramsey Long Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Related to Melinda,   Exculpatory Evidence Related to Melinda,   William (Bill) Ramsey,   The William Ramsey Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Related to William,   Exculpatory Evidence Related to William 

   Recent Activity    

   Rod Westmoreland      Background,   Who is Rod Westmoreland?,   Who is undrtheradar ?,   Suit by Rod Westmoreland Against undrtheradar.,   Public Purpose in Posting This Theory,   How is This Wiki Different Than Discussion Boards?,   Incriminating Evidence Against Rod Westmoreland,   Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Rod Westmoreland 

   Second Floor      JonBenet Bedroom,   Sheets Urine-Stained?,   Santa Bear,   JonBenet Bathroom,   Background,   Panties Feces-Stained?,   Size 4-6 Panties,   Oversized Panties,   Laundry Area,   John Andrew's Bedroom,   Burke's Bedroom 

   Sexual Predator      Overview,   Flippy Esso,   The Flippy Esso Theory,   Matthew Falcon (The Falcon),   The Falcon Theory,   Mike McElroy (The Prophet),   The McElroy Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Related to McElroy,   Exculpatory Evidence Related to McElroy,   Gary Oliva (The Saint/Thomas Acquinas/Churchmouse),   The Oliva Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Related to Oliva,   Exculpatory Evidence Related to Oliva,   James Allen Selby (Bankers Hill Rapist),   The Warrior,   The Warrior Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Related to The Warrior,   Exculpatory Evidence Related to The Warrior 


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   Stranger Intruder Theories      Overview,   How Would Stranger Know JonBenet Ramsey?,   Stranger Intruders Apparently Ignored by Law Enforcement,   Unsolved Homicides in Boulder Area,   Attempt to Frame Theory,   Burglar,   Foreign Political Faction,   Kidnapping Gone Wrong,   Kidnapping Gone Wrong Theory,   Evidence For Kidnapping Gone Wrong Theory,   Evidence Against Kidnapping Gone Wrong Theory,   Message to FBI Profilers,   Message to FBI Profilers Theory,   Evidence For Message to FBI Profilers Theory,   Evidence Against Message to FBI Profilers Theory,   Phone Phreakers,   The Phone Phreakers Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Against the Phone Phreakers,   Exculpatory Evidence Favoring the Phone Phreakers,   Serial Killer,   BTK-style Serial Killer ii. Gary McGreen,   Sexual Predator,   Student 

   The 911 Call      Overview,   Contents of 911 Call,   Audio Analyses of 911 Tape iii. Key Areas of Controversy,   Is Burke's Voice on an Enhanced Tape?,   Evidence in Favor of Burke's Voice Being on the Tape a. Aerospace Corporation Analysis,   Other Assessments of 911 Tape,   Evidence Against Burke's Voice Being on the Enhanced Tape a. Other Expert Assessments of 911 Tape,   Analysis of 911 Tape By Internet Sleuths,   Was the Enhanced Tape Aired on TV?,   Evidence in Favor of Enhanced Tape Being Aired on TV,   Evidence Against Enhanced Tape Being Aired on TV 

   The Basement      Photos,   Evidence Found Inside the Room,   Why Fleet Did Not See Body in Early Morning,   Evidence Found Outside Wine-Cellar Room i. Footprints in Basement,   Palmprint on Wine-Cellar Door,   The Boiler Room,   The Train and Storage Room i. Chair Blocking Door,   Suitcase Beneath Window,   The Basement Bathroom,   Storage Room Next to Laundry 

   The Body      Overview,   Time of Death,   Overview,   Autopsy Findings,   Was the Body Moved After Death?,   General Appearance,   Head Injuries,   Facial Injuries,   Duct Tape on Mouth,   Neck Injuries,   Torso,   Vaginal Area,   Autopsy: External Exam,   Autopsy: Microscopic Examination of Vaginal Mucosa iii. Non-Autopsy Sources,   Possible Stun Gun Injuries,   Extremities,   Jewelry,   Heart in Hand,   Black Tape on Legs?,   Internal Organs,   The Cords,   DNA Evidence,   Stomach Contents,   Clothing,   Body Covered by Blanket & Sweatshirt ii. White Collarless Shirt,   Long White Underwear,   White Wednesday Panties,   Hair Evidence,   Human Hair ii. Animal Hair,   Who Has Submitted Hair Samples?,   Fiber Evidence 

   The Burglar Theory      Overview,   Versions,   Other Burglar Theories,   Personality,   Timeline,   Burglary,   Family Back Home iii. Kidnapping,   Murder,   Ramseys' Morning,   Burke in the Theory,   Source 

   The Cords      Overview,   Autopsy Findings,   Non-Autopsy Findings,   Were Knots Sophisticated ?,   Could Ramseys Tie Such Knots?,   Where Did Cord Come From? 

   The House      House Location,   Floor Diagrams,   Full House,   Diagrams of Individual Floors,   Photos/Videos,   Evidence Taken From House,   Potential Points of Entry,   The Basement,   First Floor,   Second Floor,   Third Floor,   The Exterior,   The Baseball Bat ii. The Bike Tracks,   Snow on the Ground 

   The Note      Stranger Intruder Theories,   Acquaintance Intruder Theories iii. "Friendly" Intruder Theories,   Worked for Ramsey Family b. Family Friends,   Children of Family Friends,   Ramsey Did It Theories,   John & Patsy Ramsey ii. Patsy Ramsey,   John Ramsey iv. Burke Ramsey,   John Andrew Ramsey 

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   The Pineapple Evidence      When JBR Ate Pineapple is Unknown,   Evidence Pineapple Eaten Before Ramseys Came Home ii. Evidence Pineapple Eaten After Ramseys Came Home,   Evidence Pineapple is Unconnected to JBR's Death 

   The Ransom Note      Overview,   Interpreting the Contents of the RN,   Comparison to Other Famous RN's,   Movie Comparisons,   What is the Significance of $118,000?,   What Does Fat Cats Refer To?,   What Does Tomorrow Mean?,   What Does STBC Mean?,   Who Provided Writing Samples to BPD,   Ramsey Family Members,   Friends of Family,   Neighbors,   Handwriting Analysis,   Who is Qualified to Do Handwriting Analysis?,   Graphology,   Steps in Forensic Document Analysis,   General Observations,   General Principles,   Handwriting Scales,   Common Pitfalls in Forensic Document Analysis d. Is Handwriting Evidence Reliable?,   What Handwriting Experts Say About the JBR Ransom Note,   Physical Characteristics,   Was Handwriting Disguised?,   Overview,   Evidence Writing Was Not Disguised,   Evidence Writing Was Disguised,   Was This a Kidnapping for Ransom?,   Who Wrote the Ransom Note?,   General Profiles of RN Writer,   Patsy Ramsey as RN Writer,   John Ramsey as RN Writer,   Burke Ramsey as RN Writer,   Others Who Could Not Be Eliminated 

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   What Neighbors Reported      Secret Santa Visit,   Lights in Kitchen,   Missing Safety Light,   Early Morning Scream,   Metal Scraping Sound,   Dog That Didn't Bark 


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   Who Wrote the Ransom Note      General Profiles of RN Writer,   Profiles Done At Request of BPD,   Profiles Done by Professionals,   Analyses by Internet Sleuths,   Patsy Ramsey as RN Writer,   John Ramsey as RN Writer,   Evidence John Ramsey is Not the RN Writer,   Evidence John Ramsey is the RN Writer,   Burke Ramsey as RN Writer,   Others Who Could Not Be Eliminated,   Overview,   ???? Henderson,   Bill McReynolds,   Jeff Merrick,   Glenn Meyers,   John Andrew Ramsey,   Chris Wolf 

   Worked for Ramsey Family      Linda Hoffman-Pugh (Ramsey Housekeeper),   The Linda Hoffman-Pugh Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Against Linda Hoffman-Pugh,   Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Linda Hoffman-Pugh,   Mervin Pugh (Ramsey Handyman),   The Mervin Pugh Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Against Mervin Pugh,   Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Mervin Pugh,   Ariana Pugh,   Geraldine Vodicka (Former Ramsey Housekeeper),   Brian Scott (Ramsey Landscaper and Gardner),   The Brian Scott Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Against Brian Scott,   Nathan Inouye (Stine Baby-sitter),   The Nathan Inouye Theory,   Incriminating Evidence Against Nathan Inouye,   Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Nathan Inouye,   B N Jazzy4ever45,   BCTC Suspect (Ramsey Worker),   Bob Wallace (Ramsey Handyman),   Bob Wallace's Friend (Ramsey Handyman),   Rod Westmoreland (John Ramsey's Financial Advisor),