Linear Sight... is a full-service Land Survey Company located in Erie, Colorado...

... just steps away from the Rocky Mountains and about 30 miles north of the Mile High City... Linear Sight specializes in construction layout but we offer a variety of products and services... not only can we fill any need you have for a Professional Land Surveyor, we can also help you with CAD drafting, researching public records, and attribute data ...

GPS Attenna

.. at Linear Sight, we have many years of experience providing...

  • accurate and precise field measurements
  • Land Survey Plats
  • CAD drawings based on field data
  • GIS shapefiles and attribute data
  • public records research
  • timely and courteous service

... we maintain a workload that enables us to ensure personal, professional and rapid response to your needs... all done with accuracy, speed, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Please call us... we welcome your business! ... we will do an excellent job for you... we can assist you in researching land information, or drafting your ideas and plans with AutoCAD, or organizing your data in any format you like - an Excel spreadsheet, an Access database, or ArcMap GIS.

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